The times, they are a’changing: An announcement from the publisher.

You may have noticed we have attempted to bring our customers and readers the best combination of local news to show off our communities and for everyone to get a chance to find value. We trust many of you have enjoyed getting our Lake Orion Review, Oxford Leader and Clarkson News publications.
This week we will go back to subscribers getting their own community newspapers versus everyone getting everything.
In other news, starting today, we are combining N. Oakland County’s top community papers into one premier publication. Previously, The Ad-Vertiser was mailed to 27,000 addresses in Oxford, Addison, Leonard, Lake Orion and Orion; in the Clarkston-Independence-Davisburg area The Penny Stretcher was delivered to about 16,000 addresses.
In mailboxes this week, folks will notice the new Ad-Vertiser & Penny Stretcher publication. The Ad-Vertiser & Penny Stretcher will have a massive reach of 43,200 homes and businesses, covering Leonard to Davisburg and nearly every address in between. Each week readers will discover what area businesses have to offer. Each week businesses will have the opportunity to reach over 75,000 new customers with their personalized advertisements.
We hope you enjoy all the advertisements from all our communities and find new places to shop and do business. We are all small, mom and pop shops who encourage your support. — Jim Sherman, Jr.

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