Throne gets glowing evaluation

In his third full year of being Oxford Schools’ superintendent, Tim Throne was given a glowing review by the board of education at the board’s Dec. 11 meeting.

Board President Tom Donnelly read a section of the board members’ joint statement on Throne aloud. The statement was compiled by board Vice President Joyce Brasington from the evaluations and statements of each member.

“Tim’s highly effective performance rating serving as superintendent of Oxford Community Schools in 2018 is evident in many ways,” Donnelly read.”First and foremost, he is a champion of and for the district.

“Tim promotes and projects a positive image of Oxford Community Schools (through)improved student performance, positive survey data from all stake holders, increased student enrollment, positive relationships with community leaders, a growing fund balance, increased student opportunities, a sinking fund campaign and the processes and systems that have been created or improved upon collaboratively under his leadership. (These) are all indicators of a highly effective superintendent. So, we thank you.”

Other board members spoke later in the meeting on Throne’s performance. All who spoke expressed gratitude and approval of Throne’s leadership of the district. Trustee Korey Bailey spoke of Throne as an effective communicator who frequently makes efforts to be transparent with the board of education.

“I don’t think we realize how lucky we have it (with Tim)… I think this community is lucky,” Bailey said.

Brasington also spoke highly of Throne, saying he has been an overall positive presence. “We’ve created a great testimony of what we’re doing here with Tim’s leadership,” she said.