Today is “the” day

Today is the day, but first a bit of advice for the day: You know it is time to clean the bed of your pickup truck when you start growing tress (in the bed of your pickup truck). Don’t ask how I came by this nugget of wisdom . . . and yes, I did just clean out the bed of my pickup truck.
* * *
Maybe tomorrow I’ll clean the gutters on my garage (where I’ve also started to cultivate baby trees.)
* * *
Question of the day: If you lose your tooth while staying with relatives in Ohio, can the Tooth Fairy still find you?
Six-year-old Sean Rush thinks the answer is a big, fat, ‘No.? As of this writing one of his pants pockets has a plastic baggy with said lost tooth, his first. He actually took the baggy with him to Ohio, just in case the tooth came out of this mouth.
He will bring home the tooth this week, for the ‘official? tooth for money secret swap.
* * *
Sap sentiment of the day: As of writing, my wife Jen and the boys have been gone since yesterday. They’re in Ohio visiting her sister Kris. And, though only a day gone, I miss ’em. Of course, by the time this is published, they will have returned home safely.
* * *
Speaking of Ohio, here’s today’s scientific factoid of the day. Did you read that those whacky, left wing scientists in Ann Arbor have finally figured out why trees in Michigan lean towards the south . . .Ohio sucks.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be playing three nights the Palladium next week.
* * *
And since we’re talking about scientific facts, did you read that a T-rex terrorized a trailer park in Rock Canyon, Utah? Or that in Behesda, Maryland a baby was born with a ‘real? button nose (the mom, while pregnant swallowed a pearl button)? Or that in Tarnation, West Virginia, a local lawman captured a vampire cat by baiting the feline with a bowl of his own blood?
It’s all true. I read these, and other ‘news? stories in the Weekly World News.
* * *
Hey, last week I reverted to my old, Neanderthal self and proclaimed my dislike for sub groups of the chamber of commerce. In particular I took aim at the ‘women? of the chamber type groups. I expected to be drawn and quartered, if not, then at least run out of town . . .
Well . . . here’s some responses to my gender biased column.
You asked for feedback – I agree with you 100 percent on the women’s expo issue. I have never attended. Such an event does not interest me. There are plenty of groups for women including the ones you mentioned and my personal favorite, the Low Rent Ladies.

By the way . . . I am in full agreement with your last ‘equality? column in July 19 issue. You don’t need to wear your flack jacket to hide from me!
Heck, even my Jennie agreed with me. Maybe I really am just a renaissance man.
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