Ugly stocking and all

I wanted to get this out as early as possible . . . it’s not really written in the “Don’t Rush Me Don” style you all know and love . . . it’s actually a story that will come out in next week’s paper. But, I think you’ll all enjoy it regardless of the style (or lack there of). — Don

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A United States Marine, Sgt. Ashleigh Bryant has ‘picked them up and laid them down? all over the globe, however one of the most important walks she plans takes place this July, in Boston.
In honor of her aunt and cancer survivor Lora Bryant of Clarkston, Ashleigh has signed on to walk 60 miles in three days, for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Every person who takes part in the ‘Walk for the Cure? must raise a minimum donation of $2,300.
‘I am inviting everyone to help support this cause,? the 2001 Oxford High School graduate said. ‘I understand times are tough right now and if pocketbooks are strained, I certainly could use encouraging words and prayers as well. I’m keeping the names of all my donors on a hat to wear while I do the walk, so they can be there with me in spirit. And my dog, Moxie, will also be walking a portion of the 60-miles with me, she will be walking in support of spaying pets on time to help prevent canine mammary cancer.?
Lora Bryant (Lori to family and friends) is a lifelong Clarkston area resident. Starting last March, she went through a regiment of chemotherapy, radiation treatment and three surgeries for her cancer. Now, as a cancer survivor, she enjoys spending time with her 10-week-old granddaughter, Kayden Marie. She is honored her niece is walking ‘for the cure.?
‘I think it’s great. Ashleigh’s wonderful. She’s the sweetest girl I’ve ever known,? Bryant said.
She had signed up for the Susan G. Komen 5K Race for the Cure last year, but was sidelined because of a surgery a week prior to the race. She had a vein cauterized in her left leg, to combat lymphedema. ‘I have to wear one of those old lady compression stockings now, which is funny — but difficult to make fashionable,? she said.
Compression stock and all, she believes the 60-mile walk will be more of a challenge, ‘both in the physical and financial commitments. Signing on to raise $2,300 honestly made me a little hesitant. I think my finger hovered over the ‘enter? key for a good five minutes before I finally mustered up the guts to do it — but now I am set on meeting my goal.?
Participants walk during the day and camp at night. Besides her trusty, canine companion Moxie, is her next door neighbor and United States Air Force buddy, Mary Dever.
Sgt. Bryant is currently assigned to the Pentagon as a broadcast journalist ( In the past year, she completed a six-month tour in southern Afghanistan covering the war as a journalist. She also announced the President’s inaugural parade.
‘I was stationed in Tokyo for several years and traveled throughout the Pacific covering military news and operations,? she said.
Sgt. Bryant, 26, is the daughter of Michael Bryant and Julie and Larry Harneck. She has been in the service for six years. As for her future, St. Bryant plans to continue in the public affairs field, ‘hopefully within the Department of Defense.?
To make a donation, go to and search for Sgt. Bryant’s name under ‘donate to a participant.?