Village council awards Hutch Paving Inc. contract for Park Street paving

Work will be done from Pontiac Street to Mechanic Street

By Joseph Goral
Staff Writer
OXFORD — The Oxford Village Council awarded Hutch Paving Inc. the contract for the Park Street water main replacement and repaving project during its meeting on April 9.
Hutch Paving was the lowest bid out of four companies for the project that takes place on Park Street from Pontiac Street to Mechanic Street. The company will complete all asphalt and concrete work themselves and will work with Botswick Excavating for underground and grading work, according to a letter written by consulting firm ROWE that was sent to village Manager Joseph Madore.
Part of the project includes work on the street’s sanitary sewer lateral, a pipe that carries waste water from toilets, sinks, laundry and other facilities to the public sanitary sewer main typically located under streets, according to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District.
Work items listed on Park Street’s sanitary sewer lateral repairs bid tab results include:
Replacing an estimated nine sewer laterals from the donut connection to the road’s edge.
Replacing an estimated 11 sewer laterals from the donut connection to the T-connection at the main.
Cleaning around an estimated two T-connections and removing any tree roots before sealing each T to prevent future root infiltration.
Removing an estimated 50 sidewalk flags.
The estimated total for this part of the project is $40,900, which Madore said is far lower than an initial estimate, which was as high as $100,000.
Hutch Pavings’s bid was $731,148.57, which is 3.24% higher than the engineer’s estimate and nearly 12% lower than the next lowest bidder, according to village documents.

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