We need loving teachers, common sense

‘Tis the season for teachers (commentaries to follow). Boards and administrators should hire teachers who love teaching.

And, while I am at it, the best teachers don’t just push students to learn, they get them through transformation and awakening,

They make us better people.

* * *

All talkers know listeners can’t wait until you take a breath (so they can top your offering).

I told my daughter Susan how difficult it was for me to spray “no itch” under my arms. Her “topper” was telling me how both her dogs “got into it” with a skunk the night before. That was so vivid even I could smell it.

* * *

Individual results may vary! Of course! No two people are alike — not even identical twins!

* * *

To fix Michigan schools we must agree on what needs fixing… and we’ve learned, often, more money ain’t always the answer.

Speaking of school funding, where has all the “Lottery-for-schools money” gone?

Selective hearing, less legislative input and more common sense reasoning should help.

* * *

• This is to remind my readers everything is not great in my “home!”

• My shirts come back from the laundry un-ironed.

• I like newsman Ben Eason for his good common sense reasoning.

• Too much cheese is on our menu.

• Overheard from an Iraqi broadcast station! “Of course we want peace, there’s just a few people we need to kill first.” (I suppose I should have contacted one of the many TV lawyers before writing that.)


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