‘We need to speak up and say these are our values’

When we turn on the television or read the paper or have dinner with friends, we often discuss the “issues” of today championed by President Trump: the great rising stock market, the growing economy, the largest tax cut in our lifetime.

We can agree or disagree on those issues, but we should not forget the real challenges of today’s leadership in both the White House and Congress – our values!

Rich, poor, black, white, Republicans, Democrats. Historically, we have all been raised with the same values.

My dad, Judge Arthur E. Moore was a Juvenile and circuit court judge for 40 years. He was a leader nationally in fighting to help underprivileged children. He was “Mr. Republican” of Oakland County and both he and my mother taught me and were a role model for our core values. Always tell the truth- don’t cheat, be honest; don’t bully, admit if you make a mistake, respect women; don’t abuse anyone, support equality for all – blacks, browns, whites, women, gays and people of all religions.

Don’t abuse your privilege of being an American by stopping those who want to come to America and improve their lives and help improve America; support law enforcement; improve our justice system so we have justice for all; and always extend a hand to the underprivileged. I believe the vast majority in this country still share these values.

The president as the leader of our country should set the example for all of us.

I’m afraid the White House does not demonstrate these values. We need to speak up and say these are our values. This is what we want our children and grandchildren to live by. Where are the Republicans George Romneys, Ronald Reagans and Bill Millikens of today?

Fortunately, much of the youth of today are “walking out,” marching, speaking out.

We need to join them and fight for the true values of being an American. As Martin Luther King said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our fiends.” Now is the time.

Eugene Arthur Moore

Retired, Oakland County Probate Judge


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