When in doubt, punt

Sometimes the ol? creative juices just don’t flow as freely as they used to — which really makes it interesting when I sit down and try to write something. Today is one of those days.
What to write about?
Some one mentioned to me that I should write about the lads Shamus and Sean, because it has been a while since I embarrassed my very own sons. Thank you, Michele for that suggestion, but I really don’t want to embarrass them, cuz I could, easily. The only problem is at 13 years and 51 weeks, Shamus is as tall as me and in better shape than me and Sean is quicker than the devil. The two of them together could take me down, and that would be embarrassing.
Thanks Michele, no.
* * *
I went on-line and searched for ‘news of the weird.? I found this item: ‘An 11-year-old California boy and a seven-year-old Georgia girl have recently decided ? with parental support ? to come out as the other gender.
‘The boy, Tommy, wants more time to think about it,? said his lesbian parents, and has begun taking hormone blockers to make his transition easier should he follow through with plans (first disclosed at age 3) to become ‘Tammy.?
‘The McIntosh County, Ga., girl has been living as a boy for a year, said father Tommy Theollyn, a transgendered man who is actually the one who gave birth. Theollyn petitioned the school board in September (unsuccessfully) to allow the child to use the boys? bathroom. Theollyn said the girl first noticed she was a boy at age 18 months. [CNN, 9-27-2011] [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 9-14-2011.?
I could comment, but it would be too easy. Draw your own conclusions about age, environment and then don’t contact me. I don’t care.
So, I won’t write about. Hmmm?
* * *
Last week, (November 10) was the 36th year anniversary of the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. It’s of interest to me, cuz my mom’s dad, James Bordine McDonald, worked on that ship as it was being constructed at Great Lakes Engineering, in River Rouge. Gramps McDonald (known to thems who knew him for spitting tobacco on Grandma McDonald’s roses) worked on the great ship’s electrical system.
The SS Edmund Fitzgerald was the biggest, badest, bestest ship on the Great Lakes from the time it was launched on June 8, 1958 until it broke in two on that fateful day in 1975 when the gales of November blew early. All 29 crew members died in that wreck that Gordon Lightfoot sang about.
Reports from the investigation estimated the storm had sustained winds of 60 miles per hour, with gusts up to 85 mph. These winds churned up 30 foot waves on Lake Superior. The ship’s graveyard, 500-feet below the Superior’s surface is known as ‘Shipwreck Coast? because, over 400 ships have sank there.
If anybody wants more info on the ship, you can go to www.ssefo.com
* * *
A while back I received this note . . .
Hi There Don,
I’m hoping you can help me do a good deed. My mom is recovering from chemo and radiation. During treatment, she had a peg tube inserted into her abdomen to feed herself with formula. Her cancer was throat cancer and during treatment she was unable to eat anything by mouth. I’m happy to report she’s coming along nicely and doesn’t need said formula any longer.
We now have several cases of adult formula we no longer need. I’ve called everyone I can think of to donate the formula to a needy cancer patient and I’ve been told, ‘No way,? too many times. Lighthouse, area churches and senior centers have all told me they know no one who can benefit from my good deed.
This is where you come in, I hope…. With ALL the folks you come in contact with, is there ANYONE you know that can benefit from my donation? I’m sure SOMEWHERE there is a ‘Michiganian? in need. I just need your help finding him or her. — Michelle H.
Well, folks . . . anybody know of anybody who can benefit? Drop me an e-mail and I’ll make the connection.
* * *
There, that wasn’t so bad for not having a clue of what to write about. Well, maybe for me.

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