Wishing sweet dreams for hospitalized children

Using flashlights, neighbors gathered around the gazebo to send love to children in the hospital. Notice the shape of a heart. Photo provided.

By James Hanlon
Leader Staff Writer
A group of Westlake of Waterstone neighbors brought some light to children stuck in the hospital over the holidays. About 100 residents spread out over the park in the center of the Oxford subdivision to shine flashlights into the air, the evening of Saturday, Dec. 5.
The “flash mob” style event was captured from above by a drone for Beaumont Hospital’s Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams program.
Every December since 2017, the staff of the hospital in Royal Oak would give in-patient children flashlights to wave out their window each night, in the hopes that community members would come by with flashlights and wave back. The event drew enthusiastic crowds in response. Because of the coronavirus, the hospital asked the community to do it virtually this year, by submitting videos instead.

About 100 Westlake of Waterstone residents gathered to make the video. Photo Provided

From the air, Westlake’s video reveals the flashlights twinkling in the shape of a heart. The event was organized by Selena Koro and filmed by drone pilot and Westlake resident Timothy Metcalfe.
“We want to let the children in Beaumont and their families know that our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to them especially during this holiday season,” Metcalfe said. “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!”
The video joins a gallery of well over 100 tributes, wishing in-patient children sweet dreams on the Beaumont website:

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