Bus, food workers ratify contract

The potential privatization of Oxford Community Schools? transportation services could be a dead issue if the board of education ratifies a three-year contract approved Tuesday by the district’s union employees. ‘What I would say is if the board is happy with the contract, if they committed to ratifying the contract, that certainly would change the […]

Church men collecting hand tools for Haiti

Just because Haiti’s disappeared from the headlines and evening newscasts doesn’t mean the impoverished Caribbean nation has recovered from the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that devastated the island back in January. There’s still an incredible amount of work to be done and the Oxford United Methodist Men are lending a hand by collecting new and used hand […]

A field trip to the pit

Most school field trips involve going to places like museums, zoos, farms or science centers. Only in Oxford can kids tour a working gravel pit and take home a few rocks as souvenirs. That’s exactly what the Daniel Axford second-graders in teachers Colleen Kazor and Lee Phillips? classes did Friday when they visited American Aggregates […]

Solar array provides savings to school, energy to neighbors

Upland Hills School in Addison Township is busy capturing the sun’s rays and converting them into electricity to power not only itself, but its neighbors as well. ‘Our goal as a school is to become a net energy producer, so that we’re actually generating more electricity than we’re using,? said Phil Moore, director of the […]

Young libertarian off to study free-market principles

Adam Smith. Friedrich von Hayek. Ludwig von Mises. Milton Friedman. In the pantheon of free market economics, the names of these great thinkers are spoken with reverence and awe. Perhaps one day Harrison Moore’s name will be listed among these legends, but for now the 15-year-old Oxford High School freshman is content to attend a […]

State commander: Remember the dead, thank the living

‘Since 1868, we have come together in our communities to put flowers and flags on the graves of our fallen heroes. For whether a war is popular or not, the sacrifice is the same.? Those were the opening words of Carnie Jackson, commander of the American Legion Department of Michigan, as he addressed the crowd […]

Half is better than nothing

With the coming debate over dispatch services, Oxford Village officials would be wise to remember the old saying, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” At the June 16 Oxford Township Board meeting, representatives from the village and Oakland County Sheriff’s Department are expected to state their cases as to why […]

Meet Oxford’s master of exterior holiday illumination

Move over Clark W. Griswold. You’re not the only master of exterior holiday illumination on the block. Oxford resident Robert Katanski brightens cold winter nights on Indian Knolls Drive with the 34,000 to 35,000 Christmas lights that completely cover the 40-foot pine tree on his front lawn. For 20 years, Katanski has illuminated the evergreen, […]

Little hands stretch from Clear Lake to Iraq

Some little hands from Clear Lake Elementary recently touched the hearts of American soldiers serving in Iraq and reminded them of what they’re fighting for. Second and third-graders in teacher Melissa Douglas? class recently received a photograph showing members of the U.S. Army’s 507th Medivac Company standing in front of a Blackhawk helicopter and holding […]

Councilman’s effort to rescind bridge approval fails

Councilman Dave Bailey last week spearheaded an effort to rescind the Oxford Village Council’s previous support for the proposed Polly Ann Trail pedestrian bridge over M-24, but was defeated by one vote. Bailey made a motion to rescind council’s Aug. 24 3-2 approval of the bridge’s design based two things. One, as it stands right […]