A potpourri of thoughts

In my more than 65 years of writing columns, etc., for our weekly newspapers, I don’t remember ever using the word “potpourri.” Now that I know what potpourri means, expect to see it in future Jottings.
I’m going to use it as a mixture of thoughts and topics.
I’ve been using every possible moment to slam Governor Snyder for  his mishandling the Flint water crisis. I criticised him for waiting at least six weeks after the poisoning was made public, to acknowledge it publicly.
Often these verbal harrangs took place in bars with buddies like Dale Karginski.
Since Dale works in Flint, I aimed my barbs quite directly.
Then recently Dale and I had a civil talk. He pointed out that Snyder is not the only one responsible for the Flint water crisis, that there were study committee reports, governmental interferences, university studies, etc.
Of course, I didn’t quit heckliing Dale. I’m a slow withdrawer.
*  *  *
More potpourri.
When (not if) our way too many, and over-paid electeds, foist a tax on marijuana, you can bet emphasis will be on the millions going for education, fixing roads, naming more emergency managers, etc.
• Why would so many mattress makers keep trying to sell me a new mattress? Mine’s less than 40 years old, has no lumps and is grooved to my body.
• Got a letter recently from a long time friend, Bob Parenti. He was our family attorney and Oxford. He lives in Stuart, Florida, now. He says he is still going to his office, but not doing much of anything else. Says he’d like to be 75 again.
The note from Bob sent me to my file. We both have memorial blocks at the Orion War Memorial in Lake Orion. His reads, “OFC Robert V. Parenti, Ninth Army Troop B, under the command of General W.E. Simpson participated in the Ardennes and the Battle of the Bulge, received a commemoration for contributing to the crushing defeat of the German Army WWII.”
• My memorial block reads “James A. Sherman, Yeoman 3rd Class USNR WWII”.
I tripped over Bob’s Memorial.
I think I’ll sue him.
*  *  *
In my freshman year at Owosso High School I earned 4 Cs and 1/4 point for phys ed. They must have marked on the curve, or teachers hadn’t learned to like me yet.

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