First, bless the clicker, then the opera

This Jottings ran on June 10, 2009.I make a lot of smart-aleck remarks to strangers. And, thankfully, I usually get a smile.I saw a woman in a grocery store with an overflowing basket of goods. I asked, “Have you got room for anything else?”She smiled, “Hopefully, only one more thing.”At a plant sale I saw […]

First a story, then a letter to a senator

This Jim’s Jottings first appeared on June 20, 2007.I have two reasons to believe this story is acceptable for a community newspaper. First, it was told to me in the Flint Elks Club men’s room, and second, my daughter said it was ok.An Irishman has been doctoring for some time, and this was the day […]

Some reminiscing, some observations

(This Jim’s Jottings was first published on May 31, 2006)I’m writing this on a beautiful, sunshiny day (May 22) so it’s difficult to concentrate on one subject. Of course, it can be difficult to think of just one subject on rainy days, too.I’ll bet not many of you Jottings readers know there is a National […]

Illegal: Not according to, or authorized, by law

These Jottings were first printed on May 30, 2007, not that much has changed since then…The word “illegal” isn’t too hard to understand, is it?I am only a small voice in community newspapering, but I believe I represent the majority of legal Americans.I don’t believe the majority of major daily newspapers and airway time fillers […]

A potpourri of thoughts

In my more than 65 years of writing columns, etc., for our weekly newspapers, I don’t remember ever using the word “potpourri.” Now that I know what potpourri means, expect to see it in future Jottings. I’m going to use it as a mixture of thoughts and topics. I’ve been using every possible moment to […]

Gov’t bad on water, good at saying ‘no’

I haven’t been exposed to this computer or even daily papers since some doctors convinced my bladder needed a look-see and my eyes were not improving with ageWhen my seeing improved the first headlines were, “3 things Snyder is still doing wrong in Flint.”He made Fortune Magazine’s ranking as 19th in world’s most disappointing leaders […]