Gov’t bad on water, good at saying ‘no’

By Jim Sherman, Sr.
By Jim Sherman, Sr.

I haven’t been exposed to this computer or even daily papers since some doctors convinced my bladder needed a look-see and my eyes were not improving with age
When my seeing improved the first headlines were, “3 things Snyder is still doing wrong in Flint.”
He made Fortune Magazine’s ranking as 19th in world’s most disappointing leaders and placed Michigan Governor Rick Snyder atop the ballot for his role in the Flint drinking water public health crisis.
And that brings me around to the proposed tax on marijuana. Those proposing this tax, are, of course, legislators who will promise all the money raised by this tax will be spent on schools, roads, the needy, the handicapped, the weak; the weary, political sponsors, etc.
* * *
Enough on Snyder, let me get to how the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has forced itself into my two acres in Oxford Township.
A creek flows through my acreage. A few of we attached land owners want to remove some of the growth therein.
Someone called the DEQ to see if we (I) had the right to scrape some weed out of the creek and deposit them on a little of my vacant land.
No way! Out came DEQers to rule on my request. Their quick response to my question was HELL NO.
There followed a list of DEQ demands, threats of extinction, withdrawal of my citizenship … or it seemed that way to me.
Needless to say, through my two years or so of the creek cleaning, it ain’t happening under DEQ’s watch.
I believe this whole thing is about a government appointed agency that believes in total control without reasonable thinking. DEQ, DENY, QUICK, as POSSIBLE. Then let’s order another round on the taxpayer.
That still may be cheaper than hiring a manager.
* * *
Farming is a $’71 billion dollar industry in Michigan. The third largest industry in the state and growing in significance.
The Polka Party is on channel 231. I’m sure glad I found it.

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