Voting could have been easier

Here’s Don’s Time Savings Rant #1,934,345 (which is remarkably similar to his TSR #1). Okay, call me kooky, but, now that we have ‘fallen? back, what does that mean? Where have we fallen from? From what perch on high did we descend? Are we in Daylight Saving Time now, or was that before? How do […]

Teachers, administrators, read what they’re saying about you

I was starting to worry and fret about you reader-types out there. Parents, teachers, administrators, school board members — nobody wanted to get involved in an educational dialogue, once opened by a local teacher. Which, I guess, is why she wrote in the first place. Time passed and some did write. I have yet to […]

Area resident leads with her heart

Terri Haist Elliott has some heart. . . . And, when I say that I ain’t saying she’s got anything less than a full heart. What I mean to say is more conversational, like, ? Wow, she’s got some heart there.? Her heart has defined her life both figuratively and literally and is leading her […]

New size, BIGGER commitment

Bing, bang, BOOM! Fireworks weren’t only flying in the sky ? they were also exploding in our offices this week. Today, The Oxford Leader showcases our new, modern size. To get the paper in your hands this week, last week we had a lot of work to complete (and yes, there were a few colorful […]

Humility, gratitude all part of Thanksgiving

I was asked to re-run (and I quote), ‘That column you wrote for Thanksgiving a few years ago.? I am not sure what column the reader referred to (I’ve penned a lot of Thanksgiving columns in 25-plus years), but I think it might be this one. Historically speaking, this is the time of year, the […]

Dear Parents, read what the teacher’s saying

Well, I hope your holiday was inspiring. As promised last week, here is Teacher Dialogue Part 2. * * * Dear Parents, Over the course of the past school year I have had the honor of teaching your children. Having worked with them I can tell you they are bursting with potential and opportunity! That’s […]

Sometimes I just don’t know

I’ve said it to more folks than I care to remember. ‘It? is this: At this point in my life, I am less about the story and more about doing what is right and helping folks out. A goodly while back a family in Orion Township contacted me in need of help. They signed up […]

New look for The Citizen

Bing, bang, BOOM! Fireworks were not only flying in the sky this week, they were also exploding in our offices. Today, The Citizen showcases our new, modern size. To get the paper in your hands this week, last week we had a lot of work to complete (and yes, there were a few colorful metaphors […]

Photo contest deadline July 15

The annual INFO Book photo contest has officially started. So, take out the digital cameras and start snapping off pictures. The winner will be the cover shot for the 11th annual Info Book & Newcomers Guide. Info 2007 will be published in September. The deadline for photographers, however, is July 15. The winning photo will […]

Happy July 4, now parents, kids, educators listen up

In a few short days Americans will celebrate Independence Day. The Founding Fathers were from a time called the Enlightenment. They liked to think and not rely on Divine Authority to make or break a situation. One of the Enlightenment’s biggest movers and shakers was Thomas Jefferson. He thought it would be a grand thing […]