Peddlin’ papers for a good cause

Familiar faces with newspapers in hand will be at local intersections and businesses this weekend, as members of the Oxford Lions Club will sell their annual Goodfellow edition. For over 40 years the Lions have helped area families in need with proceeds from their Goodfellow sales. “We aim to help 25 families a year,” Lions […]

The Solitaire conspiracy theory

I recently rediscovered the ‘joys? of the card game Solitaire. I remember there to be a beauty in its simplicity. Solitaire is not loud. It is not flashy. Turn card over. Place card, move stack, red, black, red, black. King, queen, jack, et-al. Simple, beautiful. Ma and Pa Rush, like many parents I am sure, […]

Character building with the Lions

Folks who know me, know I worry about my parenting skills. When I have time to myself, I wonder, what am I doing to these two young souls under my care? What am I molding them into? What shape will they take? Will they grow up to be fine young men, wise gents or kooky […]

‘Columnists Day?

Can you guess my first thought when I read the e-mail to yours truly that read in part: ‘I thought you might like to know that the governor of Michigan has proclaimed April 18, 2004, as National Columnists Day in the state of Michigan . . .? My thoughts went something like this . . […]

Fa la la la la and pass the goods

Tis the season to give . . . . . . and give and give. Don’t get me wrong, giving is okay. It is always better to give than to receive. That’s what we have been taught and that is what we are teaching the young ones. It’s the getting part that is starting to […]

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