Talking trash in Brandon Township

In just 12 hours Brandon Township residents were able to clear their homes, garages, yards and property of 3,370 yards of unwanted debris — debris that will not find its way to area roadsides. Everything from sofas to snowmobiles and speedboats, to campers, car parts and general crud were pitched during the township’s annual Spring […]

Isuzu Ascender

By Don Rush First, a thought from the wrong side of the road . . . with all automakers world-wide now selling their products in each other’s territory, there must be a ‘rush? to come up with just the right name for each new product. A company has to come up with a fresh name […]

Time to ‘Ask a Bunch of Questions?

Oh joy of joys. Another election year is upon us. It’s time we get soundbite answers, negative campaigning, do-nothing TV commercials, slanted reporting and mudslinging. Yep, things will get pretty hot and heavy as ballots this year will be cast not only for national issues, but for people, ideas and increased taxes locally. It’s a […]

The LGBTQ crowd needs more letters.

You know, I was moving along swimmingly. And, while not ahead of the curve, I was at least riding the wave’s crest in understanding. I was getting it! It of course being the whole sexual identity thing. Just like the old Virginia Slim’s ad campaign touted, I’ve come a long way, baby! Then, what a […]

Dirty feet, no guarantees and love

The past week was one for reflecting, sharing loss, and for sending love through time and space to those who need.* * *A Clarkston family lost their little four year old child. Suddenly he was gone. Their lives forever changed. Sadness. Anger. It ain’t fair. Numbness. The little guy was a bundle of energy, inquisitiveness, […]

Brainwashing, Brits and Michigan

While banking at a local financial institution I was given the what-for. For what, you may be asking? For being an insensitive cretin. That wasn’t the worst of it, on April 7, I actually published the following: This pampering of our children is going to make a generation of kids who won’t be able to […]

New Beetle is hot ticket wherever you go

I didn’t get to test drive the New Beetle Convertible GLS in the summer — which would have been my first choice to drive any convertible vehicle. I did have it for the second seven days of October. It was perfect time for tooling around with the top down and taking in the area’s fall […]

Being thankful is our way

The harvest is in and the holidays are upon us. Americans, despite the world at large, can find reasons for thanks. It’s our way, that despite the troubles and turmoils, we look heavenward and give thanks. After all, things could be worse. I guess it is our way as Americans to count our blessings and […]

Four winning lottery tickets not redeemed

To all the Scrooges out there — stop being cranky! To all the Grinches out there — take five from your grumpiness! To all those smarty old snooties with their beaks in the air (and you know who you are, you who are too high and mighty to enjoy a little goodwill and peace) smile […]