Well, what should we talk about?

Well, what should we talk about?

Many Americans, myself included, will receive some sort of stimulus check from the taxpayers of these here United States. It has to do with the president’s $1.9 trillion COVID bill. Individuals will get something shy of $2,000. As I type, my $1,400 payoff is noted on my account balance as, “Pending.” And, while I am […]

‘We need to speak up and say these are our values’

When we turn on the television or read the paper or have dinner with friends, we often discuss the “issues” of today championed by President Trump: the great rising stock market, the growing economy, the largest tax cut in our lifetime. We can agree or disagree on those issues, but we should not forget the […]

Presidential conventions show ‘we’ mean little

Oh, be still my beating, black-as-the-Ace-of-Spades heart. We “lucky” to be alive now Americans are in the midst of yet another presidential election, and ain’t it fun? These two weeks, every four years, are the most entertaining (and infuriating) 14 days of the political cycle. This year’s spectical has exposed how broken and corrupt our […]

Editorial: Support your local cops

With all the craziness and tragedy happening across the country right now – violent protests, riots, police officers being threatened, targeted and killed, etc. – we think it’s a good time for Oxford and Addison residents to show just how much they support their local law enforcement personnel. The next time you encounter an Oakland […]

Dad to me: ‘Always keep your head up.’

The other day I was walking in a local parking lot and I saw a dirty old, patina’ed penny. It was dinged up pretty good, so I reckon it had been run over a few times. Despite the fact President Lincoln’s face was turned down, I bent over and picked it up and slid it […]

A note to all recent grads: SMILE, damnit!

By Don Rush I think by now most area students who are one of the Class of 2016 have completed their graduation ceremonies. With pomp and circumstance you walked down the aisle with robe and cap. You pushed your tassels from right to left. You have graduated. Yay! Woo-hoo and congratulations! As I told Number […]

Don’t Rush Me: Midwifery is her lifery

By Don Rush I have a great job. I find most people interesting. I mean, we all have our stories, our pasts, our dreams and everything when mixed together makes us uniquely interesting. And, then there are some folks I find intriguing. One such person is Clarkston’s Wendy Pinter, 41. Pinter, mom to three, United […]

In a courtyard with kids, remembering

By Don Rush Last week, before most Memorial Day remembrances had yet to take place, I had the chance to skip down memory lane and get a glimpse of the future. I visited Clarkston Junior High School. The school, back a few years ago was Clarkston High School where I and countless others roamed the […]