Booting OCTV out of meeting doesn’t look very good

An interesting thing happened last week. A meeting was held at the Orion Township Hall regarding Michigan’s Iron Belle Trail and connecting the local Paint Creek and Polly Ann trails as part of it. Based on the agenda, representatives from the local, county and state levels of government gathered to provide updates, do some brainstorming […]

Solwold should be village’s next police chief

The winds of change are blowing this year and in that spirit, I think it’s time for the Oxford Village Police Department to have a new chief. That chief should be Sgt. Mike Solwold. I’ve said it for years, privately, and now, I’m saying it publicly. Solwold has faithfully served this town as a police […]

Kick off 2017 by cutting out all those toxic people

Shunning gets a bad rap. We all know people who definitely deserve to be shunned. We all know people who are toxic and contribute nothing of value to either our personal lives or the community we live in. I think 2017 is a good year to start shunning these people. Who do I have in […]

A little faith in humanity restored

My faith in humanity tends to get quite low at times. It dips whenever I have to deal with a public official I know to be a two-faced liar. It dips whenever I encounter a scam being perpetrated against vulnerable people who can ill afford to lose a penny. It dips whenever I have to […]

Local charity is the best charity

Local charity is without a doubt the best charity, and it’s the only charity I personally support or endorse. What could be better than helping people right in your own backyard, thereby uplifting and strengthening the place you call home? I know it’s not popular to say, given our society’s present infatuation with globaloney, but […]

No conflicts. No debts. Just common sense

Editor’s Note: Much of the following was taken from a Feb. 3, 2016 column I penned. With the November election rapidly approaching, it bears repeating. Common sense and government don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It just usually works out that way. That’s why whenever citizens have the opportunity to infuse the latter with the […]

It’s unfair, but it is what it is

I’ve never been a big fan of the operating taxes that Michigan school districts levy on non-homestead properties because in many cases, they constitute taxation without representation, and they’re flat-out discriminatory. The fact is a person who owns non-homestead property in a school district in which he or she does not live cannot vote on […]

Put yourself in their place

I’m not a churchgoer, but it’s always been my understanding that church is supposed to be a place that helps people and brings them together. But I have to admit I’m not seeing that these days when it comes to the United Methodist Church (UMC). I’m frankly, quite disgusted with and angered by the potential […]

Let my people stay!

When it comes to my personal life, I hate change. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a creature of habit. I much prefer the comfort and warmth of the familiar and the tried-and-true to the uncertainty of the unknown. That’s why I have a lot of sympathy for the small, but scrappy, congregation of […]

Male? Female? Who cares? Best is best

I sincerely hope the Oxford Board of Education decides to go back to awarding the Oxford Cup to the best student, period, regardless of their gender (please see Elise Shire’s story, “Oxford Cup policy may be revisited). The decision to change things back in 2012 and have one male and one female winner was absolutely ridiculous. […]