Let my people stay!

When it comes to my personal life, I hate change. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a creature of habit. I much prefer the comfort and warmth of the familiar and the tried-and-true to the uncertainty of the unknown. That’s why I have a lot of sympathy for the small, but scrappy, congregation of […]

Male? Female? Who cares? Best is best

I sincerely hope the Oxford Board of Education decides to go back to awarding the Oxford Cup to the best student, period, regardless of their gender (please see Elise Shire’s story, “Oxford Cup policy may be revisited). The decision to change things back in 2012 and have one male and one female winner was absolutely ridiculous. […]

Wouldn’t it be great if we all minded our own business?

Editor’s Note: The following column is a rerun because: 1) I had to fill space; 2) I already worked plenty on this issue over my allegedly restful three-day weekend; and 3) The sentiments expressed in this column cannot be said enough. This old world still has far too many busybodies, meddlers, do-gooders, hypocrites and small-minded, […]

Starting off with water bills, ending with a fish tale

I want to applaud the Oxford Village Council for its decision last week to participate in the Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP). WRAP provides low-income residents with up to $1,000 per household per year in assistance to help pay their current and back water bills (see story on Page 3). This is great news for […]

Photos a nice break from the ugliness in the world

When I first started working here back in 1999, I absolutely hated taking photos. I had practically no experience with a camera, nor had I ever had even the slightest desire to become a shutterbug. I grew up in a culture that was not yet obsessed with photographing food and taking selfies, then posting it […]

Locals should fight proposed RTA tax

I’m well beyond fed up with covetous government officials, with their greedy hearts and grubby hands, who constantly demand I give more and more – while living on less and less – in order to finance their dreams and schemes. With every fiber of my being, I hope the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) of Southeast […]

High marks for Oxford’s freshman superintendent

Members of Oxford High School’s graduating class weren’t the only ones with something to celebrate during last week’s commencement ceremony at the DTE Energy Music Theatre. There was a freshman on stage who deserves to be recognized and praised for his accomplishments. I’m referring to Superintendent Tim Throne, who is wrapping up his first year […]

Council shows interest in offer for 98 S. Glaspie St.

When it rains, it pours. Last week, the Oxford Village Council discussed three purchase offers it received for the 3.42 acres of municipal-owned property at 98 S. Glaspie St. After much discussion, council voted 5-0 to make a counteroffer to the $305,000.01 cash offer it received from the Sterling Heights-based Clearview Homes. In its motion, […]

Vandals are scum

Note: Most of the following thoughts were expressed in a previous column from 2013, but given the circumstances, I thought it appropriate to reprint them. Why reinvent the wheel, right? Nothing upsets me more than when tax dollars are wasted. It’s bad enough when government officials do it. It really bothers me when people do […]

Save tax money, not government jobs

It’s not government’s responsibility to employ people. Granted, government needs employees to carry out its basic functions and provide services to citizens. But it does not exist to create and provide publicly-funded jobs. And the jobs government does provide are by no means sacred. When the time comes to cut, consolidate or contract out for […]