Oxford Township monthly recap

By Teddy Rydquist
Leader Staff Writer
On June 9, the Oxford Township Board of Trustees had their regular meeting. After paying their respects to the American Flag, noting the roll, and approving the consent agenda, the board dove into their first order of business.
Second medical marijuana
reading set for July meeting
An amendment to the Charter Township of Oxford Zoning Ordinance to permit the cultivation of medical marijuana, sometimes spelled marihuana, will receive its second reading at the board’s next scheduled meeting in July.
The proposed amendment would allow primary caregivers to operate cultivation buildings for medical marijuana patients.
No more than 72 plants would be permitted to be grown in a single cultivation building, and walk-in dispensaries, including medical marijuana dispensaries, would still be barred from Oxford Township limits.
Per MichiganMedicalMarijuana.org, a primary caregiver is defined as an individual who is at least 21 years of age, has agreed to assist with a patient’s medical use of marijuana, and has never been convicted of a felony involving illegal drugs, a violent felony, or any felony within the past 10 years.
During their July meeting, the board will vote to approve the amendment as presented or send it back to the Planning Commission for modification.
New pickup truck for
Oxford Fire Department
As part of their millage increase, the Oxford Fire Department began their search for a vehicle for the added Fire Inspector. Through the Michigan MiDeal Purchasing Program, the department located a white 2021 Silverado 1500 at Grand Rapids-based Berger Chevrolet, the owner of the state bid for the manufacturer. Including the title fee and delivery, the price for the pickup truck totaled $30,011, which was expended to the 2021 Fire Fund Account (213-357-970.000).
Employee Handbook amendments
A total of 21 amendments were made to the Oxford Township Employee Handbook, most of which were simply updating or clarifying the vocabulary used in describing the guidelines, expectations, and practices. Some of the notable changes include:
Disabilities and
Reasonable Accommodations
The Employee Handbook now reads:
The Township is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals with disabilities. This may include providing reasonable accommodations, where appropriate, for an otherwise qualified individual to perform the essential functions of the job.
Religious Accommodation
The Employee Handbook now reads:
The Township is dedicated to treating its employees equally and with respect and recognizes the diversity of their religious beliefs. All employees may request an accommodation when their religious beliefs cause a deviation from the Township dress code or the individual’s schedule, basic job duties, or other aspects of employment.
The Township will consider the request but reserves the right to offer its own accommodation to the extent permitted by law. Some, but not all, of the factors that will be considered are cost, the effect an accommodation will have on current established policies, and the burden on operations – including other employees – when determining a reasonable accommodation. At no time will the Township question the validity of a person’s belief.
If you require a religious accommodation, speak with the Township Supervisor.
Terms of At-Will Employment
The Employee Handbook now reads:
Oxford Township is an at-will employer. At-will means the employment relationship is for an indefinite period and can be terminated by either the employer or employee at any time, with or without cause or without notice. The terms of an at-will employment agreement are not to be considered as creating a contractual relationship between the employee and the employer.
Therefore, unless otherwise defined in writing at set forth herein, such relationship shall be defined as “employment at-will,” where either party is free at any time to dissolve the relationship.
The Employee Handbook now reads:
Full-time, regular employees are eligible for paid vacation. Paid vacation time begins on January 1 and cannot be carried over from year-to-year. Allotted, unused vacation time will not be paid out at the end of the year, nor will it be paid upon termination.
Less than six months of service: 0 days
Six months to one year of service: 3 days
After one year of service: 5 days
After two years of service: 10 days
After five years of service: 15 days
After fifteen years of service: 20 days
Lunch and Relief
The Employee Handbook now reads:
Employees each have a paid 15-minute relief break during the first and second half of a full, continuous workday.
Lunch periods may also be flexible depending upon individual Township departmental need(s). It may be either at the request of the department or the employee/elected official and approved by the department head. This is at the total individual discretions of each department head on whether to utilize the provision.
Types of Reimbursable Expenditures – Sales Tax Exempt Status for Township Purchases
The Employee Handbook now reads:
All Township purchases made should always be sales tax exempt, where applicable. It is up to the individual purchaser to ensure the Township does not pay sales tax on any purchases. Not ensuring this provision is met will be cause for the Township Supervisor to revoke an appointed official/employee’s purchasing authority.
Prohibited Harassment
The Employee Handbook now reads:
We strive to maintain a pleasant working environment, free from intimidation, humiliation, and insult. The Township has a strict policy against all types of workplace harassment, including sexual harassment and other forms of workplace harassment based upon an individual’s race, color, national origin, religion, creed, age, sex, marital status, familial status, height, weight, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, citizenship status, veteran status, uniform service member status, or any other classification protected by applicable law.
Up next
The next board meeting will be held on July 14 at the standard 6:30 p.m. at the Oxford Township Meeting Room, 300 Dunlap Road, Oxford, 48371.

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