When critters big and small attack

When I read the news that the dark-haired half of Siegfried and Roy Las Vegas show was dragged off stage by one of their white ‘friends? I thought, ‘There’s a column in there somewhere.? Roy Horn, 59, was bit in the arm, then dragged off stage by the white tiger Montecore, in front of an […]

Of socks and men and boys

While sitting on our brown, Italian leather sofa the other evening, I came to a startling revelation about myself: I do not like plain, single-colored socks. Nope. I don’t like ’em. It’s nothing personal against plain-colored socks. Their monochromatic tendencies are fine for other folks. Just not me. I don’t believe they’re boring or dull. […]

It just ain’t Halloween without snow

As I write . . . It’s windy. It’s warm. It’s dry. There are only 11 days to Halloween and it’s 70-something degrees outside. It’s not right. It’s not fair. I think I’ll pull something out from the desk drawer . . . * * * When I harken back to those joy-filled days of […]

Gasp! There’s a nerd among us.

I am experiencing a moral dilemma of sorts and I’m not quite sure how I should handle it. Do I do what my pappy would have done — face up to it, look it in the eye, growl and then kick it in the butt? Should I call that bastion of morality, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, […]

So when do you dare to believe?

Before I get too far into this thing, let me state the obvious: Yes, I know Halloween was last week. That said . . . We live in an old home. An old home that is next door to an old hospital. An old home that used to be a medical center, and prior to […]

New Beetle is hot ticket wherever you go

I didn’t get to test drive the New Beetle Convertible GLS in the summer — which would have been my first choice to drive any convertible vehicle. I did have it for the second seven days of October. It was perfect time for tooling around with the top down and taking in the area’s fall […]

Hey you, mind your own b’s wax

The conversation started innocently enough. A person advertising with us wanted to know if her ad was ‘too risque.? Ever the eavesdropping kind of guy, I listened as our ad rep hemmed and hawed trying to answer. When the conversation was completed and the phone connection terminated, I asked what all the hubbub was. The […]

Suzuki Aerio SX is a sporty little thing

It’s a tough gig I got. While driving new cars all the time I have to take notes — mental and with pen and paper. And, it’s annoying to hop from car to car not knowing where the light switch is or flipping the lightswitch when trying to find the windshield wiper gizmo. Like I […]

What kind of a creature is Sean?

Does anybody remember comedian Bill Murray’s lounge lizard routine from those exciting days of yesteryear, when ‘Saturday Night Live? was relatively new? I only ask this, because three year old son, Sean Rush, is following in Bill’s footsteps, if only because he walks around the house singing (over and over), ‘Star Wars, nothing but Star […]

For Dr. Bob’s sake, hug your loved ones

Christmas is the time for family and friends to be together; to hold each other and to remember, we love. Most area families this week are together. They’ll be giving presents, swapping stories of Christmases past and enjoying each other’s company. And, many area families have this opportunity because of the efforts of a very […]