Will Sean make four in 2004?

Holy drop the ball in Times Square, Batman! Our year is all but a memory. Two thousand double ought three, we hardly knew ye. That said, I need to relate one story from the old year. It was December 23, I just got back to the office, sat down at my desk and noticed a […]

Life and death in these parts

In last week’s Oxford Leader, we reported on the tragic events in Addison Township. In cold hard print we told of how the Rivest family lost two of their own. We also asked readers to pray for the surviving Rivests — mother Karin and her children Rachel, who is in the second grade and Hunter, […]

Mad as hell about Mad Cow

There I was, the red-blooded American male, sitting in one of his favorite places — under those magnificent golden arches. Somewhere in my mind the strong sounds of American composer Aaron Copland filled my being; I could see John Wayne walking wearily, but still with a swagger into the sunset, his Winchester slung over his […]

You might as well call me Crash

Right at the last moment I knew I was in some sort of very deep yucky stuff. Up until then, I thought I could handle it. I thought I could steer out of the situation unscathed and go on my merry way. That was right before my very own personal crap mobile, a 1993 Saturn […]

Some things to remember

The weather gods have conspired against us mere mortals. The roads, in a word, suck. Time is short and so . . . I’ll leave you with something light. Smile. Manga, enjoy . . . blah, blah, blah. In other words here’s something my dear wife e-mailed me. Subject: For those planning to visit Detroit […]

Evoluntion minus the word is still evolution

You know, I like being on the conservative side of the fence. It is safe. I know which way is up because that’s the way I have to go after falling down. I know there’s an East Coast and a Left Coast. I know my right hand from my left. Things are clear in black […]

I shouldn’t pop off at readers

I get lots of mail in response to the stuff I write here in the hallowed halls of Don’trushmedom. Old teachers (and you know who you are) e-mail me when I passionately write about things sacred to those left of center. Pastors e-mail me when I passionately write about compassion for all folks, even the […]

Life in the fast lane

For the past month or so Young Master Sean, our three, but soon to be four-year-old son, has made it his life’s mission to go to Disney World. He wants to head south to the land Walt made in a big way. And, why he chose Disney World over Disneyland, I’ll never know. In fact, […]

How important are ‘Public? notices

One of the most under-appreciated services a community newspaper provides is publishing Public Notices. Community newspapers like ours usually charge our public bodies less than the going rate because we believe they are important. Our newspaper also puts all those Public Notices on-line, so the entire community can check ’em out. These are richly worded […]

Hold Your Nose

Stay away red-breasted robin — give your little wings more rest before you leave the sunny and warm climes of the south. Lay low crocuses — keep your colorful little heads buried in the warm earth at least until Easter. And, here’s a message to all you furry little marmots out there (which includes all […]