Michigan’s 2014 Winter Wonderland Is Too Much

So, here we are. We’re a few days away from April First (no fooling) 2014, and you know what? I still hear some freaks (and I state that lovingly) who want three more inches of snow, so we can ‘break the record.? This winter season Mom Nature and that nasty Old Man Winter hooked up […]

The power of the press doesn’t compare

There was a time when the term, ‘power of the press? meant something. It meant, we in the media could sit in our ivory towers, pick presidents, national causes — live as the power brokers we always dreamt we would be, but couldn’t afford. Reporter types throughout the years have come into the world without […]

The beard is back, now it needs to go

What a difference some sunshine and a few Fahrenheit degrees can make! It was getting depressing looking outside and seeing gray and feeling cold. Sticks and branches on yellow and brown dead-looking lawns. Blach. Dirty piles of snow. Yuck. And, then . . . . . . Sunday morning coming down, the sky turned blue, […]

Rush is getting the ‘scoop? on poop

While Rush is away doing of little significance to the betterment of mankind, here a favorite column from April 4, 2004. We hope you enjoy. — The Management * * * We are becoming a ‘soft? nation. An ocean of ‘wimps? and ‘hoity toitys? (whoever they are) will soon be upon us. No longer will […]

Hot damn! I got a stye in my eye!

Last week I got some great news. News that had me whistling happy tunes, snapping my fingers and tapping my toes. I had a stye in my eye — left to be exact. That’s it. That is my happy news. I went to the urgent care center in Oxford, sat down on the table-bed thing […]

Will Rogers was right:

Four years ago, this week we were knee-deep in presidential campaign politics. Guess what, we are now, too. Here’s what I wrote then, but what is best about that column was what I stole from humorist Will Rogers. It was the same four years ago, as it was 80 years ago. * * * Give […]

Weighing in where it really doesn’t matter

As I sit here at the home computer, images of my family, Jennie, Shamus and Sean flash across my monitor’s screen. Those I love. And, I think about them when I think of worldwide events. I wish the world was a better place — a place where folks ain’t out to destroy other folks just […]

Bats in your belfry?

Ahh. The nights are getting cooler. The greenery of majestic trees is getting a splattering of brilliant reds, oranges and yellows. Heck, our school’s gridiron heroes are tearing up the field. It’s almost fall. And, you know what that means. Yep, as the days grow shorter and colder, it is time man starts thinking about […]

Some thoughts while laboring on Labor Day

Okay, all you wussies — how many of you actually lounged on Labor Day? I know lounging wasn’t in my plans. So, now the 3-day weekend is over. It’s 6 a.m., I am in the office. I am tired. But, while I was still fresh and laboring this past Labor Day, I thought about an […]

Inquiring minds needed more now than ever

Chances are you’ve read a lot of news about or surrounding Clarkston Schools. There’s a good reason, it is our Number One beat (responsibility) to cover. The district touches everybody. Your kids or grandkids go there; you may have graduated from there; you may know someone who works there, and; if you live or own […]