It’s a bird, a plane, no it’s Kid Toenail!

It is a parent’s job to worry about their offspring. You worry about their friends. You worry when they don’t talk or walk as soon as other kids. You worry about the size of their head. Worry, worry, worry. Well, since little Sean Rush turned seven this past St. Patrick’s Day, I have at least […]

Seeds sewn, readers respond

Last week I pondered on what to do after I sowed some seed in the warm confines of my own home. The seeds have sprouted, I wrote, now what? * * * Don, I asked my Dad why my indoor seedlings toppled as soon as I took them outside. He said they need to get […]

Glamp on, Glamp off. Glamping?

So there I was, minding my own bees wax when one of our salesdudes shot me over an email from the Clarkston office. Some person, a woman Andrew Dubats is working with had won some sort of recognition for her efforts in Glamping. Hmm? Come again? What was that she’s good at? Glamping, I didn’t […]

Bits and pieces from ye ol? (e) mail bag

Well, spring has sprung, and I hope everybody’s Easter was merry and bright . . . I mean, white . . . would you believe, snow covered? Aw-heck. Dang blab it! I hope you all stayed warm and didn’t have to shovel too much snow. * * * I save up reader e-mail and once […]

Community loses booster and friend in Ray Davis, Sr.

By Don Rush Youths who grew up in the Clarkston Area in the 1970s, ?80s and ?90s lost a friend and booster last week, with the passing of Raymond Charles Davis, Sr. Mr. Davis, who had been ill for about a year, died April 5, 2007, at the age of 69. He was an advocate […]

What do men want? I found the answers.

Are you a skeptic? A realist? Are you a believer or are you in the wait-and-see holding pattern. Me, I am in the ‘I Want To Believe? group. At times, I am a top-notch skeptic, and other times I am shown things that get me shouting Hallelujah! (on the inside). If you are into conspiracies […]

Of Hair And Men

While thumbing through the book of 1971 Oxford Leader newspapers, a feature article caught my eye. Headlined, Clip Dip: Long hair no boon for Oxford Barber. The two barbers in town, Stub Robinson and Jack Magee (both sadly, now clipping hair in Heaven) lamented on the loss of business due to the long-hairs. Said Jack, […]

Self-absorbed, egomaniac: the all-American kid

I guess I really am a cranky white guy — wife Jen, tells me so, reminding too, that I am old. (So I got that going for me . . .) Being a Cowg (Cranky old, white guy) I get a little wigged out when thrown in with a bunch of teenagers. My ‘Spidy? senses […]

I’m part of the ?99%? and that’s a problem

Just this weekend I heard/read the Internal Revenue Service was busted targeting groups critical of the government. According to one on-line blog I read: ‘The IRS repeatedly changed the criteria it used for singling out nonprofit applications for further review, at one point looking at all groups hoping to make ‘America a better place to […]

Hey school board, the devil is in the details

You know, there comes a time when you have to say, ‘Oops. Sorry. I messed up.? Speaking from a personal experience (excuse me, experiences), I know this is the case. The case in point I shall endeavor to delve, deals with the unholy trinity surrounding Goodrich schools. In the little hamlet of Goodrich, parents have […]