Covering board meetings can widen your eyes

Okay, I received no (zero, zippo, nada ? nothin?) sympathy from last week’s gem of a column about having to report for duty in covering a board of education meeting ? something I haven’t done since George Bush (No. 1) was president. I did, however, receive the following letter. Enjoy. * * * Dear Don, […]

Welcome to the Good ol’ girls club

Two years ago this week, I wrote the following column. Read the end to find out, as Paul Harvey says, the rest of the story. * * * Excuse me for a moment while I find my ‘thick-skinned? suit which comes complete with knuckle dragging sleeves and gloves. Z-i-i-p-p! There, it’s on. And since I […]

Election next Tuesday, May 3

Budgets are tight. There’s talk of upping the number of students per class. Teachers are looking for a contract. There’s talk of millions of dollars of deficit spending. Welcome to the reality members of the Lake Orion Community Schools Board of Education will deal with in the very near future ? a future that begins […]

Royal Wedding and Rain in Michigan

So, riddle me this Batman: How does three inches of rain in two days relate to the royal wedding? * * * I guess you can call me a man’s man, only in that I had no compulsion to wear a funny hat; no desire to wave the Union Jack and no, inkling ? not […]

A lot has changed in a few hundred years

Note: This edition of Don’t Rush Me originally ran on July 7, 2004. This past weekend with fireworks and much merriment, we celebrated the declaration of our country’s independence. Not, as some get confused, our being independent from the old world’s superpower, England. On July 4, 1776 we merely announced to the world that we […]

Board struggles with budget

With only 24 hours remaining for the seated board of education to vote on anything (five of seven seats were up for election in Tuesday’s election, see related story), members of the community, board and district employees and even some students packed Monday night’s 2011-2012 budget workshop meeting, slated to start at 6 p.m., by […]

The soul of a woman is dead locked

Over the years I have been asked what types of books I like to read. I am honest when I answer. I like pulp fiction. I like cheap dime store novels. I like good guys (or gals) and bad guys (and gals). I enjoy good versus evil and I prefer the good to be tested, […]

Don’t try to save me, Dad.

When I hear a sentence starting or ending with, ‘back in the good ol? days,? I automatically roll my eyes. I can’t help it, it’s instinctive. And I can honestly say the muscles that control my rolling eyes are ripped. They’re taunt and buff. They get exercised like no other muscle in my body. Longing […]

Local man killed in bike accident

Nearly a week has passed and the investigation into the death of Eric Shanley is ongoing. Shanley was killed early Friday morning (May 6) when the bicycle he was riding was struck by a patrol car driven by a Lake Orion Police officer. Shanley, 38, was known to many folks locally ? even if they […]

Less than 14% turnout for board election

Voters came out ? though not in droves ? to elect a new Lake Orion Community School District Board of Education. On May 3, just under 13.5 percent of the registered voters in Orion Township and Lake Orion Village voted to fill five seats of the seven member board. Come July 13, the top vote […]