New size, BIGGER commitment

Bing, bang, BOOM! Fireworks weren’t only flying in the sky ? they were also exploding in our offices this week. Today, The Oxford Leader showcases our new, modern size. To get the paper in your hands this week, last week we had a lot of work to complete (and yes, there were a few colorful […]

What parents should know about ‘tablets?

The bane of a parent’s existence (aside from dubious folks hanging ’round kids) is technology. Now, I don’t want to sound like an apostle of Ted Kaczynski, but dang it . . . technology has brought a whole new level of angst into child-rearing. Some school districts are handing every kid a world wide (wild) […]

Feeling good in the neighborhood

Observation of the day: I never thought I’d feel all warm and fuzzy when shelling out $3.01 for a gallon of gas — I suppose I still don’t, but it sure feels better than paying $3.50 a gallon. All I can say is the brain-washing by the fat cats has worked. But (and there is […]

Hopefully I’ll hear the bells on Christmas Day

Peace on earth and good will to men. This holiday season was kinda mucked up last week because of a whack job in Connecticut. Before the whack job went on his rampage, I already had a column written for this week. My column was gonna? be about the end of the world, Dec. 21, 2012. […]

Well, she died.

The other night, as the 11 o’clock news watched me, I slipped back and forth into the foggy world between sleep and entering a coma. Despite my comatose state, the anvil, hammer and other tool-like bones inside my ear trembled and made sound patterns that imprinted onto my brain. ?—– skeletal remains — —– woman […]

Christmas songs capture season’s spirit

 While Rush is away on holiday, we searched his files and came up with this “gem” of a column in regards to the holiday season. Enjoy! And, Happy Holidays.*  *  * When we broke out the Christmas decorations , also let loose were the two dozen Christmas albums, er, CDs I have. My taste in […]

Oxford Public Safety Log

Incidents taken from reports made by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department, Oxford Village Police Department and the Oxford Township Fire Department. Tuesday, June 5 prescription fraud discovered/reported on S. Washington St. Suspicious circumstances on Pontiac St. A Mill Street woman reported the sewing machine on her porch was stolen — only to have her sister […]

You can get the straight poop on T.P. here

You know I’m just like you (even if you’re a chick). I am just an average Joe and every time a new year comes around I kinda want to do things better. And, if I can’t do better, then maybe just doing them a little different will work, too. With that in mind, I’ll share […]

Don’t try to save me, Dad.

When I hear a sentence starting or ending with, ‘back in the good ol? days,? I automatically roll my eyes. I can’t help it, it’s instinctive. And I can honestly say the muscles that control my rolling eyes are ripped. They’re taunt and buff. They get exercised like no other muscle in my body. Longing […]

Time for AARP already?

When I first started typing columns back in 1986, one of the first ‘gems? of journalistic dribble I labeled Don’t Rush Me recorded (lamented) the fact I had found my first gray hair. At that time, when I was about 22, I was sensitive of my age. Everybody always thought I looked older than I […]