My (late) Memorial Day column

Hey, it’s been a short week, with the holiday and all coming on Monday. That said, this is the perfect time to once again dip into ye ol? mail bag. More perfecter (I know that’s not a word, but this is my column) was this e-mail and picture I got from Tony Pierce. Wrote Tony: […]

You Are The Boat

Oh — I don’t know, a little over a year ago I think — Pam Belding (or as I like to call her, Red) started sending me the ever-evolving manuscript she was writing. I hoped she did it so I could edit. Outside on the patio furniture I would sit and read. Armed with nothing […]

Neato, nifty Rush turned fifty

Lo these many years I’ve heard that when dudes hit the half century mark, weird crap starts happening. Don’t know if it’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual — but I’ve heard these rumors for as long as I care to remember. Well I’m hear to say, based on my own extensive, scientific experiments, it must […]

Readers respond to gas

Last week I told you all not to pump and dash — don’t steal gas. I also opined about monster trucks sucking up the supply and driving up costs. So, I figured since I called out the Hummer/Navigator/Escalade drivers, I thought I would be lambasted by them. Like most of my assumptions, I was wrong. […]

No stickin? it to the man

You know and I know gas prices in these parts are, well, in a word sucky. According to, the statewide average cost for a Michigan gallon of gas in January 2007 was $2.11 (ah, the good ol? days). By the end of February the cost had crept up to $2.307 per gallon (still palatable). […]

Some father – sons bonding time

So, the other Sunday I was sitting on the couch in the living room with my sons, Shamus (15) and Sean (13 in a month). Part of our weekend ritual is to watch one Sunday morning political talk show, whilst eating breakfast so we can make observations about politics before we dive into vacuuming, washing, […]

Climate change?

Mere mortals, one and all. That’s us in the Great Lakes State. And as such, we can only wait and let nature complete its cycle. We are powerless against Jack Frost, Old Man Winter, et al. Well, that’s the way it used to be. Back in 2003 I wrote about more and more robins staying […]

Mothers, one and all for 99 years

In years past I have gotten all mushy when talking about the wonderfulness of moms. I still am thankful for my very own and for Jennie, mother for Shamus and Sean. The boys are very lucky they have Jennie to balance out the goofiness I bring to the parenting table. That said, I figured 2007 […]

The power of the printed word

Hmm? What’s going on? Well, I have been remiss in my duties as a purveyor of locally written and or provocative literature. You didn’t know that was one of my duties? Well, it is — even if it’s a little known facet of my life as town’s Newspaper Guy. For the record my new business […]

Making a go of this time

For the past few years I have heard from folks in our office, from our readers and from our business partners that times are hard. I’ll admit, it is hard to dispute that conclusion when using logical equations with variables of higher energy costs, higher food costs, fewer automotive-related jobs, more home foreclosures and charitable […]