Not serious, but hopefully funny

These three-day, holiday weekends . . . yikes. Hard to get back in the saddle and write a column when you’re still thinking about sun, barbeque, family, friends, fireworks, et al. Somebody is always e-mailing me something . . . and something is what I will copy and paste here. They are quotes and whether […]

Skunks, spiders and reader comments . . .

These wandering, meandering bits of stream-of-consciousness that I oft refer to as ‘my? column and some of you call ‘Don’s Drivel,? is read by at least five people on a weekly basis. (My mom and three sisters say they ‘like? it — so I have that going for me.) I know there must be other […]

Annual celebration dampened by weather

Apparently Mother Nature decided it was a better idea to have Fourth of July fireworks on July 4, rather than July 2. Regardless, Lake Orion’s annual Independence Day Fireworks show was put on hold due to straight-line winds that brought down trees, power lines, hail and knocked out power for 2,000 DTE Energy customers in […]

What to do when the road commision comes a-callin?

A couple of weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a certain Sherrie V, of Groveland Township in regards to trees lining the road, safety concerns and the Road Commission of Oakland County. For the sake of space conservation, here’s a condensed version of her message . . . Don, Since 2002, Emerald Ash Borer […]

Of bats and men . . . but really more about bats

Holy turn up the heat, Batman! This 15 degrees below normal temperature really sucks. But, I suppose it is better than snow. That said, I reckon spring is really here: things are growing, bees are a buzz and construction crews are on the road. (Just for fun, try driving down West Hegel Road in Goodrich. […]

Rush had an epiphany: Life is like baseball

Baseball. For the past few months a thought has been bouncing around inside my noggin? like a game of pepper before a game . . . baseball . . . . . baseball . . . hardball . . . curveball . . . it ain’t over . . . fat lady singing . . […]

Remembering LS Foods? Leo Sabatini

Last week The Review brought readers the sad news of Leo Sabatini’s passing, at the age of 94. He died on July 1, 2011 (a Friday) and as soon as we received the notice, we posted on The Review’s Facebook page. We were hoping members of the community would send in their thoughts of Mr. […]

Locals ‘building bridges’ here, across state

Some folks just like to sit back, read the newspaper, listen the radio, watch TV or post snarky comments on social netwoking internet sites when it comes to how ‘things? are run in government. Some, but when it comes to school financing not the growing group of folks from Lake Orion who are tired of […]

Knight of Columbus Car Show

The Lake Orion Knights of Columbus turned up the heat this past weekend when they hosted their annual Charity Auto Show. The cars were as hot as the weather! Funds raised benefit special needs children. photos by D. Rush

Dunk Don?

A while back either Shari or Stephani from Bonnie & Clyde Boutique (aka, Clarkston Flower Shoppe) e-mailed me. One of them wanted to know if I knew of anybody who would be a good draw for a charity dunk tank event. I listed some people I thought would be good, including Kid Rock cuz they […]