Of moles and men

It’s a sad and melancholy tale. A story of a man clinging to a dream with sweaty, dirt-stained fingers. Some surmise, sadly, his steadfastness to this dream is simpleminded folly. But I ask, what is wrong with a man wanting to live his life in a garden of his own creation? Why shouldn’t he reap […]

Jeff Foxworthy’s view of Michigan

Jeff Foxworthy’s view of Michigan I’ve seen Jeff Foxworthy on stage, in movies and on tv with three other stand-uppers. I’ve even read his book ‘You Might Be A Redneck, If.? He doesn’t call it that, but he has some You Might Be A Michigander, If’s. If you consider it a sport to gather your […]

Get a load of this!

Sometimes you get e-mail that makes you blush. And, while I am not talking about those XXX rated e-mails you think I’m talking about. No, naked women aside, once in a while a reader sends me something that is really, uhm, embarrassing. W-a-a-y back in March I received an e-mail from a Lake Orion High […]

Now that spring sprang . . .

Ah, spring time. The birds of a feather are flocking together, happily singing and swooning and looking for suitable mates. The daffodils and tulips have popped their heads out of the earth. Their colors vibrant and cheerful. I’ve been buzzed by bumblebees and surrounded by a cloud of pesky gnats. But, know what? It don’t […]

Starving Time

Starving Time: The Journals of Jonathon Lyle by Don Rush ‘It is said that human flesh is by far sweether than any other flesh, so when a wolf has once tasted human flesh, he disires to taste it again.? — a French priest from the 1400s Prologue Jamestown, May 8, 1610 The ruthless winter, the […]

Parks/Rec. backs school bond

With a little under a month to go, voters in the Oxford school district are still weighing whether or not to support a proposed a 7-mill bond extension. Oxford Township resident Ron Davis (who is also the township’s parks & recreation director), knows how he is voting: Yes. And, if any voter is still uncertain, […]

When life gives you cherries, spit out the pits

We’ve all heard it, read it and heck, probably said it. What is ‘it?? ‘It? is the state of the economy. In a word, ‘it? sucks. For the past year I have heard from folks in our office, from our readers and from our business partners that times are hard. I’ll admit, it is hard […]

Oh lucky day, the Taxman cometh

We all know (because we are all legal Americans) that it is our right — dare I say our solemn duty — to moan, groan and grumble about taxes. Since those exciting days of yesteryear when we tore off the tyrannical shackles of an oppressive government (read taxation without representation) we don’t like giving up […]

Who is making the most of today?

Last year I wrote the following column…. this year, more than ever I’d like to hear of the postives that are happening. I’ve driven past real estate businesses and seen plent of folks in their parking lots. Are home sales on the rise? Wha about folks, forced into bad situations and turning those situations into […]

Don on international current events

Some folks have a low tolerance for Buick-driving blue heads (for those not in the know, blue heads refer to those whose hair is a bluish-tinted gray). And, there are still others who get red-faced by the antics of pampered, postpubescent pukes who give little and expect all. Where you are on Don’s highly scientific […]