Vandals cause problems in downtown Depot Park

As far Ralph Naigle is concerned, 2011 has been a banner year. A banner year for vandalism A seven-year employee for the City of the Village of Clarkston, Naigle said he has never seen a year with as much shenanigans as he saw this year. ‘It’s the worse I’ve seen. These kids won’t be respectful. […]

Little darlin’s aren’t bad, just misunderstood

So there I was, sweating in my long-sleeved shirt (that seemed to be a good idea at 6 a.m., last Friday morning). It was now 3-something in the afternoon and I got a call. ‘Have you seen what they did to the swings in Depot Park?!? A few octaves higher than normal, the voice was […]


Three frackin forty smackin nine a gallon! I can no focus. I am beside meself. Something’s gotta give. When I calm down . . . I’ll write. Til then check out MySpace for your’s truly.

Let us face it: Internet scams are now a part of our life

You know, when I wrote this column (about eight years ago), folks were really, really just getting into e-mail. And, when I say ‘folks? I mean everybody: teacher, student, business types, government types, church types, everybody. It was also the start of a new scam that was faxed, before. And, do you know what? We […]

Of mice and men, or of Don and dogs

Holy crap, Batman. It’s the last week of September and/or the first full week of fall . . . and, well, I am not particularly ready for summer to end. Not, that I have a voice in the decision. * * * So, I would publicly like to thank to two different owners of the […]

Yawning tortoises

For about ten years now I have followed the exploits of one Marc Abrahams, editor and co-founder of the humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research. I know it sounds funny, but he makes me happy. Some time ago and for some reason I signed up for the Improbable Research newsletter/e-mail. And, every once in a […]

Stuck in bureaucratic phone limbo

Gather round the campfire, kids. I shall endeavor to weave a tale of woe, whilst teaching a lesson just as the bards of old. ‘Twas only a few revolutions of the Earth ago, only several passings of the sun have come and gone, but I can still remember the experience as if it were yesterday, […]

I love pie and dog collars

A while back I was fortunate enough to be asked to help raise money for disabled veterans. The gals from Bonnie & Cylde Boutique/Clarkston Flowers advertised folks could dunk your’s truly for a price. I guess word gets around that I’m a sucker for a good cause. Last week, reader Michelle Ervin wrote me this: […]

Bodies found on I-75 in Independence Township

The bad smell was a dead giveaway that something was wrong. On Tuesday morning, Michigan Department of Transportation survey crews noticed a foul smell. The odor led them to a grisly discovery — the decomposing remains of two human beings. According to Oakland County Sheriff’s reports, the crew found the bodies on I-75, about a […]

Preparing their minds, bodies and spirit on the mat

By Don Rush Hard work and dedication. Mental toughness and plenty of heart. As the leaves turn colors, and the temperatures drop these personal characteristics sum up a number of local athletes — the young ladies of Stars & Stripes Competitive Gymnastics team. For a team started just seven years ago, they have accomplished much. […]