Some locals want to feel the love.

Local business folks want to feel the love. No, they want to feel your love. Well, that’s not quite true, either. Actually they don’t want to feel anything of yours, what they really want is for you to show your affection for them by supporting their businesses. I hear this all the time from business […]

Waiting for a double lung transplant

Son of a — the news that a fellow Clarkston High School alum told me about himself was a bit hard to swallow. ‘I never smoked a day in my life, but I need a double lung transplant,? Dave told me at the beginning of March. ‘Cripe!? I thought to myself, ‘That, in one, very […]

Rush asks: What newspaper are you reading?

. Along with the sunshine, there’s gotta? be a little rain, sometime. . .? — a song some country and western chick sang in the early to mid 1970s In one of our community newspapers last week a local teacher wrote a letter to the editor. When I saw the letter and that the writer […]

Dead skunk = spring

Sure as St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday, I reckon we can say we have passed the corner. Spring has arrived. I based this observation, not on the amount heat our thermometer measures, rather the amount of shoveling I had to do in the yard. A winter’s worth of doggy doo-doo, is a sure sign snow […]

Whilst away Rush discovers another ‘F? word

Ah, it’s good to be back. You probably didn’t notice, and I am sure cared less where I was. Yes, the rumors were true: I your hero, your loyal, local scribe took a vacation. It was the first time since 2006 I have taken time off for things other than funerals, floods and flu. Who […]

While cats play, what dog is watching?

I do a lot of reading — always have (thank you Mom and Dad). When I was young, young, young I was driven to read Marvel comic books. I liked the Fantastic Four (really only because of the orange rock-skinned Thing). Wolverine and the X-Men were okay, so was the Incredible Hulk. But the comic […]

Our vintage fridges are cool and well, dead

Plain and simple, we are murderers. Good intentions aside, we kill refrigerators. We, Jen and I, should not be allowed to have a refrigerator. Well, we can have refrigerators as long as they are new and boring, easy to maintain and to find replacement parts for. We just can’t have cool vintage fridges. It is […]

What good are cats anyway?

There was a time, oh, not too many years ago that I lived with a killing machine — and sometimes that murderous mammal even slept in the same bed as I. When the lights would go out and the family would be tucked safely under the covers, it usually began. Oh, the terrible sounds. It […]

Former Clarkston woman transforms herself

Life happens to the best of us. Sometimes fortune smiles warmly upon our faces . . . and other times (most of the time) it has a way of kicking us in the teeth. The trick, of course, is not only how we deal with the bloody lip, but also how we handle life when […]

Decoding the inherent goodness of Twinkies

Eating has been a part of my life well, since I was first a life form. I like eating. I like cooking. I like eating. I like going to restaurants. I like eating. I like all sorts of stuff. Uhmm — I don’t like beets. Let me say, I am also an individual who likes […]