Larry Drum: Let My Son Come Home

This article was first published in October of 2005 (Part of a Series) For one man the trip to Lake Orion, Michigan, from Lake Orion has been a long one. The road Larry K Drum has taken has been hard, winding and uphill. Drum, an Eagle Scout, graduate of Lake Orion High School, member of […]

Every day is another day to say, thanks for the opportunity

Every night I tend to reflect on the hours I was awake that day. Did I fail, hurt or belittle any person, situation or entity. If I answer to myself, ‘yes? I figure out what needs to happen the next day to make things right. (Most nights, thankfully, the affirmative answer isn’t heard.) And, every […]

Working on it

Hey folks, I am working on a webpage ( to post columns, currently there is also a Myspace entry and . . . I will try to add new columns here, too!

And speaking of opportunity…

Another Thanksgiving is done and gone. I know because of all the excuses coming from the Detroit Lions professional football franchise about another embarrassing, nationally televised loss. After gushing (quite poetically, I might add) about what I was thankful for last week, I got thinking. ‘Don,? I thought to myself in the third-person, ‘You have […]

Larry Drum will come home

As I was tooling down M-15, from Davison last Friday night, I had my truck’s radio dialed into the ‘great voice? of the Great Lakes, WJR. It was a little after 9 and I was a little worn out from a long day and ready to plop down on the couch and fall asleep to […]

Reiki masters and Indian teachers

I reckon George Lucas had no idea that when he wrote a line for his fictional character Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi, that it would stick around so long and take on a universal-like quality. ‘May the Force be with you,? is the most quoted line from and in all the Star Wars movies. The ‘Force? […]

Would the Lone Ranger eat Silver?

Gee. Horse meat. Really? So it was with great restraint that I listened to the news that Congress was getting ready to lift the ban on horse meat for human consumption. I used restrain from turning the news off as I didn’t want to think about eating my friend, Flicka. Before you all stomp me […]

Oils linked to breast growth in boys

Damn. It’s getting harder and harder to be a boy these days. Don’t believe me, read on and then try to tell me I’m full of estrogen. Let’s see . . . oh, long hair for boys is again considered stylish. Hmm . . . yep, I remember reading articles about teachers slighting lads to […]

Christmas Carol comes a’calling

There are times when this job really, and I mean really pays off. There are times, like last Wednesday (December 14), when it was gray and raining and time to shop was running low; when the bills needed paying and spirits needed to grow. Then, when hope is but a farfetched dream, a story presents […]

It’s a wrap on 2011

As I sit high up in my office, overlooking the mean streets of Clarkston (that would be Main Street, from Washington to Waldon) it is December 21, 2011. The Winter Solstice and the first day of the last year of life as we know it. Not only did Dec. 21 mark the date, days start […]