Obligatory Christmas Column #1,279,538

As I look back upon the thrilling holidays of yesteryear, I have come to believe those Christmases Past were magical. They were always white with snow. Everything sparkled. No strife. No sadness, only smiles and love. * * * While watching the 34th annual showing of Rankin-Bass? animated ‘classic,? Santa Claus is Comin? To Town, […]

Question:From under which rock did I emerge?

My dad always said, ‘Son, you should learn something new everyday.? I felt that was sound advice until I had about 15 years of living under my belt. And, by the time I graduated from college, I totally rejected Dad’s obsession with learning. Do the words ‘know,? ‘it,? and ‘all? mean anything to anybody? There […]

The plot thickened. Bread ties, part two

So last week I went against all things safe. I broke out and tattled on a powerful secret society — the secret bread baker society, the SBBS. I ratted them out and what they wanted suppressed and kept hidden from honest, God-fearing Americans like yourselves. Fearing not for my safety, only caring that the truth […]

Monster spray?

Let’s just say Jen and I are going a little nuts. Batty. Bonkers. Cuckoo for Coca Puffs. That bearded head you see nodding up and down and all around is not a 200-pound, walking bobble-head. It’s just me, dazed and confused. Sleep deprivation can do that to a parent. It’s not that Jen and I […]


Ironic. Sad. On June 19, 2002, The Oxford Leader printed two separate stories celebrating life. ‘Good luck OHS graduates!? the banner headline screamed. ‘Chemo Boy? saves the day for sick kids we teased on Page One. A community newspaper like The Leader is a cheerleader. We shout with joy at the triumphs of our community […]

We got a call on Cranberry Lake Road

Lesson. Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary says, in part, this about the word lesson: . . . 3 a: something learned by study or experience (his years of travel had taught him valuable lessons); b: an instructive example (the lessons of history). Further, the word lesson is derived from Middle English lessoun, from Old French le’on, from […]

Local wants own TV show

Whoa-who-a Oprah! Orion resident, independent insurance agent, family man and health nut, Dennis James is singing the praises of talk-show giant Oprah Winfrey . . . and is hoping to land his own show through her website, www.oprah.com James, 55, has produced a short 2.5 minute video hawking his new show idea. In the nationwide […]

What do frogs and bicyclists have in common?

So, I finally started reading the book, A Walk In The Woods, by Bill Bryson. Folks have been after me to read it for years . . . well, since 1998 when it was first published. The book is about Bryson’s (a travel writer) trek along the 2,000-some-odd miles of the Appalachian Trail. I like […]

The weather outside is frightful, but . . .

By the time this is read the holiday season will have officially kicked off. The Detroit Lions will have played in yet another Thanksgiving Day ‘classic? (as defined by professional football promoters, not the general viewing public) football game. Turkey left overs will be fried, ground, slabbed, stabbed, cut, sliced and diced in any number […]

Bicyclists and frogs, get out the way, 2

Before we get to the column, if you click onto this website, http://www.moviemole.com/jillsshow-1/interviews/don/index.html * * * The more things change, so the saying goes, the more they stay the same. And, these days, gol-durned-it, things are changing all around us. There are tea parties, coffee parties, spandex parties and parties where women go to buy […]