I think being cheap is paying off. Maybe.

Once in a while being the cheapest dad in town (and the meanest) has benefits. Aside from not spoiling the lads Shamus and Sean with tons of electronic crap they’ll forget as soon as the newest and coolest electronic crap hits the streets, it sometimes saves us from broadcast media feeding frenzies. See, I don’t […]

Wild sights and wilder turkeys: a cultural experience

As a parent, I think it’s incumbent upon me to make sure the lads, Shamus and Sean, get a well-rounded education. Their public school district takes care of the reading, writing, ‘rymetic, social reprogramming and brainwashing. Their mother makes sure of their manners and other social graces, like personal hygiene and saying things like, ‘please,? […]


So, there I was. All snuggled up, warm and cozy under the blankies, lying in bed reading some cheap pulp fiction (Black Rain, by Graham Brown). It was last Wednesday night, around 8:30. As my eyes scanned the letters before me, I noticed the wind pickup behind me, outside. Soon there after, I heard a […]

Spring forward this weekend, really.

It may seem abrupt or too good to be true, but the start of ‘summertime? will be here this weekend. I know it’s been a winter wonderland of about two-point-three accumulative inches of snow this season, but, just like last year, taking that leap forward in time in March don’t seem right. So, I will […]

Social media site unites area graduates to help

By Don Rush If newspapers are the cement that binds the members of a community to each other, then social media websites must be the rubber bands that stretch and snap people back home. Case in point is right here – in Lake Orion, Mich. With the help of social media mega-site Facebook, a group […]

Note to political party toadies . . .

Okay. So it’s been what, three, four week’s worth of Tuesdays since folks cast their votes in the Presidential Primary election? (Trust me, it has.) I don’t know about you, but I am glad it’s over. I was getting pretty agitated by the amount of robo calls I was getting on my cell phone telling […]

Parents: Chill, listen, don’t give advice

Every day in America, according the latest statistics, 63 adolescents die as a result of suicide. Across the nation, communities are coming together to discuss what most folks don’t want to talk about: suicide. Lake Orion is one of those communities. On Feb. 27, for nearly two straight hours parents, students, teachers, clergy, law enforcement […]

Robo-calling weanies, watch out!

Hey, not to be a Donny Downer dude and rain on everybody’s nice weather parade, but . . . uhm, I got my first smackin? frackin? ‘skeeter bite this past weekend! Come on, it’s mid March in southeastern Michigan. There should still be slush somewhere other than the U.P. * * * So, last week […]

Young Master Shamus forgets to brush his teeth, but . . .

I keep being told by all the smart people that young people don’t read newspapers anymore. I guess if it ain’t electronic and entertainment driven it ain’t worth the paper it’s printed on — and since I always believe what I am told by the smart people, I guess it’s okay for me to be […]

Of this and that (or not much at all)

I found it interesting to listen in on some of the discourse between United States Supreme Court Justices and solicitors for the government and the 20-odd states against what is now a ‘good? term, Obamacare. While the justices already know the outcome of the court’s decision — partially or totally, Constitutional or not — we […]