One man can bring down the government?!

I was listening to an old-timer last week and he said something that kinda stuck with me for a while. His words bounced back and forth between the walls of my skull, like a ping-pong ball in the black void of nothingness that sits atop my shoulders. We both attended a public meeting of a […]


Two years worth of preparations and hard work have culminated, and Brandon Township resident Nathan Hunter, couldn’t be happier. His foray into entrepreneurship, Positive Vibration Wine Bar, is now open. Located in Orion Township, Positive Vibration boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere, complete with low lighting, dark brown leather chairs and couches for lounging. There […]

Let’s show some love to ear wax

In the past I have discussed the logistics of feet sweating something like 91 quarts of sweat a year. I have delved into the mysterious differences between men and women. I have even had the courage to explore what happens to a penny after it is swallowed. I have provided a veritable font of wisdom […]

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

When I was a wee bit younger than I am now, I used to shake my head with sadness or shake my fists in anger — I used to get upset at the sheer volume of signs screwing up our roadsides. When I was too young to drive, back before seat belts were mandatory and […]

Dangit! It’s Sunshine week.

Despite the still colder than normal temperatures, this week you may see journalists across this far and wide land dancing jigs in the streets and in front of governmental buildings (kilts are optional). This seemingly pointless jubilation can only mean one thing: A. Free drinks at the pub down the street. B. Free lunch at […]

Michigan’s 2014 Winter Wonderland Is Too Much

So, here we are. We’re a few days away from April First (no fooling) 2014, and you know what? I still hear some freaks (and I state that lovingly) who want three more inches of snow, so we can ‘break the record.? This winter season Mom Nature and that nasty Old Man Winter hooked up […]

The power of the press doesn’t compare

There was a time when the term, ‘power of the press? meant something. It meant, we in the media could sit in our ivory towers, pick presidents, national causes — live as the power brokers we always dreamt we would be, but couldn’t afford. Reporter types throughout the years have come into the world without […]

The beard is back, now it needs to go

What a difference some sunshine and a few Fahrenheit degrees can make! It was getting depressing looking outside and seeing gray and feeling cold. Sticks and branches on yellow and brown dead-looking lawns. Blach. Dirty piles of snow. Yuck. And, then . . . . . . Sunday morning coming down, the sky turned blue, […]

Rush is getting the ‘scoop? on poop

While Rush is away doing of little significance to the betterment of mankind, here a favorite column from April 4, 2004. We hope you enjoy. — The Management * * * We are becoming a ‘soft? nation. An ocean of ‘wimps? and ‘hoity toitys? (whoever they are) will soon be upon us. No longer will […]