Are we becoming “soft?”

We are becoming a ‘soft? nation. An ocean of ‘wimps? and ‘hoity toitys? (whoever they are) will soon be upon us. No longer will we be a nation of beer and burgers — everybody will want Chablis and crumpets (whatever they are). Woe is us. I have come to this conclusion after thorough research. The […]

Oh, those wascally wabbits

Redheaded, moustachioed, former Oxford copper James Malcolm sent me word on some Loonatics. No, he didn’t divulge any juicy tidbits of information on any nut-job he ran into during is quarter century of law enforcement in Oxford. Jimmy’s red-faced over a Michigan J. Frog network announcement. WB, last week, presented their newest attempt at making […]

Get a haircut, man!

Follicly speaking, there’s plenty of hair to be cut in Goodrich. With that in mind, Christle VanKuren entered the ever-exciting world of owning/operating her first business, Get A Haircut Men’s Shop. Her sign hangs up at 10229 Hegel Road in downtown — right next door to a community barbershop tradition, Ken’s. ‘We have a different […]

Droopy drawers and all

I’ll be the first to admit, in print for all the world to read, I think pants that hang down half-mast look sloppy. I’ll say the look looks bad. I admit when I see younger-than-I folks with their pants down, showing their undies and/or butt cheeks and/or specially placed tattoos, I cringe and think, ‘What, […]

Man charged with threatening brother at gunpoint

An Independence Township man last week allegedly threatened to kill his family, police, his enemies and even himself. During a family dispute, the suspect held two loaded weapons to back up his threats, according to Oakland County Sheriff reports, but was arrested before he harmed anyone. Kenneth Langley Abbott II, 26, was arraigned on Feb. […]

It’s time Mr. Wagner step down

It is a sad day in Mudville. Mighty Casey has struck out and the home team has lost. Unfortunately, today, it is not a game, nor a children’s poem. Today, the residents and voters of Independence Township have lost. With a heavy heart on this day I think it is time we ask Dave Wagner […]

Conspiracy Theory #197

Last week a conspiracy of such diabolical magnitude was unleashed upon the world, I hesitate to delve into it. What will happen to me? Will my family’s safety be in harm’s way should I continue down the muckrakers path? What is my theory, that which has me a-shake? You may have heard about February 2’s […]

The otherside of Mr. Wagner goes to township hall

From last week’s column I received lots of reader response. Many thanked me for it, other’s disagreed with my logic or added more thoughts to consider. I want to thank everybody who wrote, and not just the ones who agreed with my column. It was a hard column to pen. I am sure it was […]

Stop stressing us out, dude.

Maybe I’m just a little thick-headed, but I just have this gut (hey, that’s thick, too!) feeling: Over zealous terrorists, hell-bent for bringing the Great Satan to its knees, ain’t gonna? do it by staging attacks on our little hamlet here in Nowheresville, USA. Call me kooky, but I don’t see it happening. Maybe I’m […]

Mole Wars III

A long, long time ago, in a yard not far enough away, the grass grew green and lush; worms and grubs lived in peace. Life was good for many a moon. Then I bought the property. And, the forces of darkness marshalled their forces. And Mole Wars began. Worms and grubs were murdered unmercifully. The […]