Obligatory Christmas Column #1,279,538

As I look back upon the thrilling holidays of yesteryear, I have come to believe those Christmases Past were magical. They were always white with snow. Everything sparkled. No strife. No sadness, only smiles and love. * * * While watching the 34th annual showing of Rankin-Bass? animated ‘classic,? Santa Claus is Comin? To Town, […]

Humility, gratitude all part of Thanksgiving

I’m always grateful folks take time out their lives to read the drivil I pump out. I am amzed when asked to re-run a specific column. That said, a reader asked for a Thanksgiving column. I’ve penned lots of Thanksgiving columns in 28-plus years, but I think it might be this one. Before I get […]

It’s December? Already? Yikes. Time for negativity, then.

By the time this column hits the streets, the first week in December, 2013 will be in full swing. That means it’s only a few short weeks to Christmas. And, that means I am still on track for gift purchasing to take place in about 21 days. Which means if I can save a dollar […]

Some Christmas gift giving ideas

When this column runs, there will be less than 20 days left to buy Christmas presents for thems you love. Which means, I have plenty of time. If I start in about 19 days, I’ll be okay. (And, I’ll have plenty of cheap things to choose from.) A couple of thoughts have crossed synapses inside […]

The closer we get to Dec. 25, the more Fruit Cakes I see!

I walked into one of the financial institutions I bank with last Friday and saw an old friend. A fruitcake for sale. And, I remembered a column I wrote about these fruit cakes and said so. ‘Hey, I wrote about these five or so years ago.? The teller smiled and tried to ignore my small […]

A letter about Christmas

This weekend whilst erecting the Rush fake Christmas tree, I started to harken back to the Christmases of yore. The boys were not at home, so I had plenty of time for thoughts. Often I fret over not gifting the correct, or good enough presents and thoughts during this past weekend’s fake tree rising started […]

‘Tis the season to help those you don’t even know

‘Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Don’t hit the folks standing in the roads selling newspapers!? * * * I know it’s that holiday time of year because over the past six weeks I have put together area Goodfellow newspapers (boy, have I been putting together Goodfellow newspapers — but, I know, you don’t want […]

Sage advice for 2014:

Yep, it’s official we’ve watched another ball drop, and I am not talking about the disappointing receiving efforts of your Detroit football Lions. I’m talking about that symbolic gizmo that mechanically, ever-so-slowly moves its way down a pole in New York every Dec. 31. Why folks say that ‘ball drops? is beyond me. It ain’t […]

Camo Out supports ‘Hoops for the Troops?

We are a fickle lot, we humans of American descent. I think we forget sometimes how hard the world can be. We live in an area that is fare to middlin? to high rent and bad things can’t happen here, to us, the privileged. Can it? Of course bad things happen every day, all around […]

What would you ask your Congressman?

Maybe it’s because we live and work in Michigan, but, I see more and more locals shaking their heads. I read more mail from folks with this general attitude, ‘Our system has failed us.? Maybe it’s because we see more signs reading, ‘Liquidation Sale? or ‘Going Out of Business Sale.? Maybe it’s because we’ve all […]