How to maintain your insanity

Life is apt to throw you curve balls when you least expect it. And, as I am usually behind in the count, I’m just gonna? swing and try to make a connection. Try for a base hit, versus a homerun. On everybody’s least favorite internet addiction social networking site, Facebook, you’re apt to find the […]

Oils linked to breast growth in boys

Damn. It’s getting harder and harder to be a boy these days. Don’t believe me, read on and then try to tell me I’m full of estrogen. Let’s see . . . oh, long hair for boys is again considered stylish. Hmm . . . yep, I remember reading articles about teachers slighting lads to […]

Drugs, plumbing, videos & more

The other week and maybe it was just this past weekend — I don’t remember much past today these days — I was toolin? round the 90 degree curve to the west on Perry Road in Goodrich . . . I mean Atlas. And, right there by the Atlas ‘Post Office? I was visually hit […]

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder

Ah, September. I never was really found of the month. Don’t get be wrong, it’s an okay span of time. My mom was born in September, and that was a good thing.. Hmm. What else? When September is given as a name to a girl, it is beautiful. But generally, September just kinda sucks. I […]

Gov. Granholm, to fix the budget, think smaller

I’m one of the last kids thought to be of ‘Boomer? status — I was made in Detroit, circa 1962 and born in January 1963. Like many kids of that time, I was brought up believing in a golden vision. That shiny, albeit trite ideal can be summed up in six words: Truth, Justice and […]

Local folks on the go (and one that went)

More than a few years ago a local gal used to set type for us here at the newspaper. A typesetter for us, at that time meant she had good hands and fast fingers because she typed a lot of stuff (and all on deadline). Terri Elliott is her name. She’s also been spotlighted by […]

The dove dove when it was shot and more

When I told my high school English teachers I was actually going into a profession that, gulp, required the use of English skills, they got wide-eyed. I reckon they were shocked and probably a little dismayed at the prospect of yours truly entering such a profession. I guess they figured since I spent three hours […]

Jury duty is just that, your duty

Now that it’s over and I have time to reflect, I can say am glad I was lucky enough to sit in judgment of a fellow American. It was a very lengthy process, one that spanned a three-week period. This was a criminal case, one that involved people and not property. It was a hard […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has passed. Schools were closed, banks, libraries, government offices — all closed in honor of this one man. While alive and after his murder, his words still resinate with emotion, power and meaning . . . and well, I think there should be school on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. […]

Chili leads to one conclusion:

There I was all alone, by myself with the 50 or so other people gathered under the big tent waiting to hear Big Tom Lowrie make the announcement. There was much laughter and general jovialness throughout the evening of the 4th Annual Chili Cookoff. But, alone, I held my breath. Let me pause a moment […]