The Super Secret Codeword is (ssh) toothpaste

After I found out what I am about to share with you, I had to look inward and find strength. Was I strong enough to do this? It took a couple of agonizing weeks of searching my conscious, but in the end I did finally type the words. Should I share them, though? Do I […]

Virgin dragon prepares to give birth

Well guys, it’s been nice knowing you. Unfortunately, I have been to the mountaintop and have seen the handwriting on the proverbial wall. I tried to ignore it, but whenever I turn, I see more and more walls marred with bad news graffiti. I even consulted my magic eight-ball and in the mysteriously charged purplish […]

Of socks and men and boys

While sitting on my the green sofa in my living room I thought of a few things. One. I have actually used this sofa since about 1970, when Grandma Rush moved from her home in Detroit to an apartment in Westland. I inherited it after she died a few years ago. Two. I came to […]

You can help make this newspaper better

As the dawn of yet another year approached, the leaders of the universe that is Sherman Publications sat atop their ivory towers and looked down at me. From far atop I heard their voices, bellowing like rolling thunder. In unison, three voices spoke as one . . . ‘Donald,? they summoned. ‘Donald. It is time. […]

Oakland County reaching out to small biz?

Thems that know me know I, like many Americans, root for the underdog (and as I type this I can still hear the nerdy intones of the late actor Wally Cox as he gave voice to the TV cartoon character, UnderDog . . . but that’s for another column). Yep, I am an unabashed cheerleader […]

New year means get a new name

This column originally ran Jan. 2003 It’s the dawn of a new day in Casa de Rush. We’re shaking things up and gonna get rid of those midwinter blues. Yep, happy days are here again! We’ve come to the conclusion the Rush name is boring. Come on, take a moment and think about it: Don […]

It’s a small world afterall . . . no, really

Not too many women have made me cry within hours of meeting them. I must confess, however, before I left for the evening, the water works were opened up and tears openly dripped down my cheeks. Yes, sweet little Toey had me all choked up. Literally, I couldn’t speak. It was as if my vocal […]

Duck Dynasty, watch out!

There’s an old saying (or maybe a successful marketing slogan) that goes like this: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And, while some will maintain that what happens behind the closed doors of Ortonville’s Boat Bar, probably should stay in the Boat Bar, hold on to your sweet bipees a minute. There’s this group […]

Some last minute Christmas shopping ideas

Folks up in the hinterlands of Ortonville and Goodrich rightly chastised yours truly for not mentioning local shopping in their neck of the woods. For those with short memories, recently I wrote about shopping local in Oxford (for The Oxford Leader), Lake Orion (for The Lake Orion Review) and Clarkston (for The Clarkston News — […]

Thoughts whilst raking and not thinking

I kinda know myself. And, if I am anything I am a procrastinator. While I may have a former spouse or two who would call it just being lazy, I tend to think of my procrastination inclination as a good thing. It keeps me sharp and keeps me on my toes. This past weekend was […]