AARP? Really?

This best of the best Don’t Rush Me first appeared Jan. 9, 2013. When I first started typing columns back in 1986, one of the first ‘gems? of journalistic dribble I labeled Don’t Rush Me recorded (lamented) the fact I had found my first gray hair. At that time, when I was about 22, I […]

Marijuna’s da bom and hillbilly logic

Is there something wrong with me? Am I a ‘bad? man? I only ask these probing questions of you, because at night, before beddy-bye time, when I reflect upon the day that just was, I sometimes ask myself these same questions. And, these introspections usually follow the reflections of ‘Did I do all I could […]

Thomas Jefferson on this past election

It’s over! Thank whomever you will, but thank ’em goodly for the past election cycle passing. How crappy can politicians be to one another? And, how idle-minded are we to listen to their crappiness? I can only venture a guess, but I’d wager political advertising will only become increasingly negative, false and salacious before it […]

SwameeDon proven right. Again!

Every once in a while I like to go back and read old columns, see if any loose ends need to be tied, corrections or updates need to be made. Usually I don’t like reading the old stuff, because — well a lot of it sucks. Writing is an art that takes time. Style and […]

Time, it keeps on slippin? into the future

Dear wife Jennie startled me a week or so ago with this revelation, ‘By the time the boys are done riding the bus, I will have spent something like 21 days of my life, waiting for the bus.? Jennie calculated both Shamus and Sean would ride the bus up until the 11th grade. Yikes. That’s […]

Duck Dynasty beards, No Label politicians and Bruno Mars?

I remember there was a time — actually most of my adult life — when I would grow a facial hair. Yep, back before the TV show Duck Dynasty made beards popular, yours truly had a nice, manicured one. I guess that puts me ahead of the curve on the men’s fashion list. Sometimes I […]

Back To The Basics

In case you didn’t know this newspaper hosts a few business networking groups. We call ’em Coffee Clubs and you can find out more about these local business groups by liking and following our Facebook page ( But that is not what I’m writing about today. Nope. Today I am writing about our theme for […]

What’s ‘standard? about Standard Time?

Okay, call me kooky, but, now that we have ‘fallen? back, what does that mean? Where have we fallen from? From what perch on high did we descend? Are we in Daylight Saving Time now, or was that before? How do you save time? Do you put it in a hour glass and shove it […]

L. Brooks Patterson describes Detroit Water & Sewer as broken

Last week in these parts was — well, newsflash — it was cold and snowy. Aside from that, I attended my first State of the (Oakland) County address and my first Oakland County Economic Development & Community Affairs Quality of Life committee meeting. And, I will get to them later. * * * First I […]

From spring, through summer, into fall: Tiger Love

I have to come clean. I need to purge my soul. Get things straight with The man upstairs. Uhmm . . . I have been immersed in a summer-long affair. Yep, it’s true. But, what you don’t know is that dear wife Jennie — always a gamer — was involved, too. I know, I know […]